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Nowadays everybody is talking about the climate change and the protection for the environment, products sold to the market are not solely concerning on the price or the quality of the products. The main concern of the customers in this century is the impact of the products that they bought to the environment, whether the products contain or release harmful substances that will make harm to the mankind, living groups e.g. animals, insects and plants or the environment, and making the climate change.

This strong concern and the climate change lead the Governments of different countries to set up relevant regulations, e.g.  RoHS, REACH, WEEE, ErP, CSPA (Children’s Safe Product Act) etc., these regulations are mainly to control a low level of toxic substances within the products that can enter into their countries, and also to control the recycling ability and high energy efficiency of the products started from the design stage.

For manufacturer and products agent like us, we should contribute our part to the environment through controlling the toxic substances within the products. In order to achieve this, we cannot mainly rely on the laboratory testing to the products for the existence of the toxic substances, as these toxic or harmful substances are found or identified by the Government authorities increased every year, and we believe hundreds of harmful substances will be banned for the coming years.

If we only concentrate with the laboratory testing on the products for harmful substances either by random sampling or by interval, say every one or two year for each product, it will generate a huge cost for all parties within the trade, and it is not practical and sensible way to make the environment green, especially hundreds or thousands of the substances needed to be tested in the future.

The best way, that we are doing, is through the well control of the Supply Chain, we will control from the raw materials to the finished products that every step is all toxic substances free including our manufacturing facilities. In order to achieve this aim, we always select reliable suppliers with the same green ambition and manufacturing ability as our material vendors, and we all join together to form an alliance or our own supply chain called Green Trust, or NTA Green Trust.

Through the NTA Green Trust, our products can easily be toxic free products.

As the essential of the NTA Green Trust, we are welcome for any material supplier with the same green ambition to join us. Please contact our purchasing team with email address:-

For the details on REACH (EC 1907/2006 - EC Directive concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), especially the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), please visit ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) official website and studying their SVHC Candidate List >...

The updated number of SVHCs within the list is 233 substances (Jan 2023).

Please also visit our informative website or for more updated news on REACH.

   ECHA Official Website